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Michigan Music History Podcast -- MMHP989

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Jun 2, 2022

Straight out of Essexville Michigan, the Ides Of March band leader Timmothy Ward rode the late '60s Michigan music scene with multiple singles (45's) and a cease and desist order direct from another band named Ides Of March out of Chicago. That didn't stop him from rocking his next band the Blues Company, more singles and constant regional touring. Then he hit the wall. Recording a homemade/studio collaboration album called Timmothy--Strange But True on his own Pear Records label (you know, not Apple), the 300 pressed 1972 album found its way into the cut out bins around Mid-Michigan. Including boxes from the man himself. Nowadays, a minty copy can fetch around $1000. It was reissued in the early '00's for an album-to-album printing, with Ward selling the rights for another limited 300 pressing. While not quite as powerful as the debut sonically, the album also contains his single 'Maybe I'm High', which outsold the original full-length as a 45 to collectors and hoisted Ward into a stratosphere that he didn't know he was even in. Here is his story, on the 50th Anniversary.