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Michigan Music History Podcast -- MMHP989

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......We are the MMHP in the 989

Feb 24, 2022

Before he was a keeper of the penalty box at the Saginaw Spirit hockey games and just before he was a paranormal haunted house detective, Dick Coughlin inspired the music world with his drum battery behind the mighty '60s pop masters, The Cherry Slush. Still banging the drums in real time, Coughlin has been through...

Feb 10, 2022

Back when the LEGENDS of Michigan Music were brand new, before all the concert venues, they would play dances, clubs, schools and the popular Bay City Roll-Air Rink. Then the Battle of the Bands began. Names like Bob Seger, MC5, Amboy Dukes, The Bossmen, SRC, ? & The Mysterians, Alice Cooper and The Rationals were top...