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Michigan Music History Podcast -- MMHP989

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Jul 11, 2024

Sadly, the Musical Mitten Podcast recently closed its podcast doors. It started up as a radio show at WOCR of the University of Olivet, hosts Maggie Brener of Bay City (now Detroit) and Breanne Wilder of Vicksburg ( now Charlotte) had put together a bevy of Michigan Musical discussion and guests that leveled up the playing field of current artists and musicians, along with classic Michigan music content. They began the show as a podcast in February of 2022 and as they say, From Mackinac To Motown, From Muskegon To Madonna, Maggie and Bree covered it all. 

   The Musical Mitten first touched base with Dr. J right soon after the MMHP989 began, in April of 2022. Access that here:

   When the MMHP, minus Dr. J hit the road for a Detroit trip to site see the venues of yesteryear field trip style, as well as tour Third Man Records back in December of 2023, Scott had been in contact about doing an episode on The Musical Mitten for his recent album Purpose. When making contact with Maggie, it was decided to turn it into a show where two of Michigan's deepest music podcasts interview each other; the process, the work, and some stuff on Scott's albums. We decided to meet in Fenton at the Library and record a shared Podcast. The podcast for The Musical Mitten which they released can be found here. Now you can compare edit notes...HA!

The MMHP gives a tip of the cap to Maggie and Bree, as the Musical Mitten shows are still are available AND our time together--even though we were cut short--the listeners will enjoy the work, guest talks, and laughter as we discuss both of our shows, the impetus, and the future visions behind how we put shows together. We hope to cross paths with these wonderful hosts again someday. Dig into The Musical Mitten by way of the MMHP. Thank you Maggie and Bree!

Their perma home is: