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Jun 27, 2024

"In 2016 it was the biggest rock and roll story in some time," noted MMHP and Michigan Rock Legend Hall Of Fame CEO Gary 'Dr. J' Johnson, on the Fake Zombies story ran in Rolling Stone Magazine ripped straight out of M15 in Bay City and the historic chronicles of the late '60s. 

   Digging for gold, Podcaster/Bartender Daniel Ralston--in Los Angeles--uncovered The True Story Of The Fake Zombies, to be aired on the iHeart network in an eight-part podcast series beginning July 11, 2024, through the Talkhouse Podcast Network. This will run on all your favorite podcast outlets. You will learn of Bill Kehoe at Delta Promotions in Bay City, two fake-Zombie touring bands (one which included members of ZZ Top--drummer Frank Beard and late-bassist Dusty Hill), hear about the fleeting fake-Archies band, the members, the ideas, the major and minor showcases, the tours, the money, and ultimately, how it effected the real Zombies and led them to their induction into the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland--as well as subsequent reunion tours and albums. Ralston took over ten years to get the proper interviews, the rights, the footage, photos, chronicles, band members, folk lore and truth to set the record straight and dust the dirt off of one of the most bizarre rock and roll stories to ever happen over the past 60 years. Rolling Stone, Howard Stern Show, YouTube, Michigan Rock Legends Hall of Fame--numerous outlets--all have some backstory since 2016 if you do your own research. Ralston came to meet and interview Dr. J in Bay City, get a tour of the town, and in turn offered his story to the MMHP in the 989 last June, 2023. 

We were told to leave this episode in the can....until now.

An episode on Bay City itself airs July 18.

PREVIEW Daniel Ralston's Trailer here: