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Michigan Music History Podcast -- MMHP989

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Jul 13, 2023

Original Michigan keyboardist Susie Woodman takes us from her love of the Michigan Rock Sound in the '60s to the stage as a musician and manager during a time when the sound was brand new. Responsible for bringing Meatloaf to Freeland, Michigan and helping jumpstart his career, Susie was then married to ex-Bossmen drummer Pete Woodman and found success between Mid-Michigan, California, and eventually Detroit. Still performing, Susie is a face on the bedrock of Michigan's Rock formative years and has some of the best stories of how it all happened.

   In Part 2, we hear the lost stories, the incredible meetings, and divine intervention that has kept her playing all these years later as a veteran Michigan Music Musician. Don't hesitate to hear the after show either, as we are weaved a few more golden stories.