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Michigan Music History Podcast -- MMHP989

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Apr 6, 2023

Our first 'return' guest on the MMHP, Bay City, MI, Author and Beatles fanatic Kristofer Engelhardt was our first author discussion outside of Sir Fred, during Season 1, Episode 12. He was already at work on Fully Uncovered when we sat him down to talk about his books, Beatles Series and Mark Farner. Please give that episode a listen once again and refresh! 

   In this episode, Kris dives into the autumn years of the fab two who are left with us and all the final treasures that have been laid upon his path from all four, completing his series with Beatles Fully Uncovered. Released Sept. 19, 2022, Englehardt sees no reason to tackle this topic anymore and gives us the lowdown on some of his favorite interviews and the ones that got away. Dr. J helps the crew dive even deeper with Kris, as he wasn't available the last time for the Season 1 interview. This episode has a lot of outtake footage as well, going off topic into Chuck Berry, U2, Queen and more. This is the Ultimate Author interview right here. Once again, sharpen your pencil and take notes folks...