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Michigan Music History Podcast -- MMHP989

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Jan 12, 2023

Renown for his LEGENDARY Poster art, from Detroit to San Francisco and beyond, artist/musician/storyteller/Military Vet Dennis Loren has been a staple in visuals and artistic music since the dawn of rock and roll. Dennis takes us on a journey from Michigan to San Francisco and back--right up to delivering Carlos Santana's mail back in the day to marking The White Stripes music take over in the late '90s. Still working art for San Francisco music collective Moonalice (among others), Loren was there when Hendrix arrived, when the Dead and Moby Grape escaped, from Skip Spence's first visions of grandeur to when Roky Erickson was on his final comeback in grand style. MC5/Stooges/New York Dolls. You name it, Dennis had a part of it.

Please enjoy Part 3 of 3--our final hour last fall. Dennis takes us into his relationship with Brian Wilson and gives insight on the drama between Beach Boys organizations. Dennis also lays out the Fillmore font and contention between the Family Dog and the Fillmore shows. Finally, he wraps with his work with supergroup Moonalice, as an artist--sometime ON CALL artist--in the world of poster and album art. Happy New Year!