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Michigan Music History Podcast -- MMHP989

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Sep 15, 2022

STOP THE PRESSES--the MMHP989 are adding this Midweek Podcast SPECIAL EDITION to honor our Michigan friends at the Hells Half Mile Film and Music Festival next weekend! On this episode--our longest ever-we have Don Hessell, curator of the Indy Music featured over the past few years at the HHM Fest. Bridging the gap, we have our INDY feature with original bev.clone bassist, Ben Padget, who is currently doing press on the first issue of their boxset Compendium and bonus, unreleased Live 1994 show--cassette, download and vinyl for the Live release! bev.clone out of the Bay City/Saginaw area originally, went down in the '90s as bringing forth the power and message of Fugazi through the Great Lakes filter. The late lead vocalist Tommy Jenkins III was also seminal in starting the music portion of the original HHM Fests. On this episode, we tie together the DIY and non-profit worlds to bring you the start and the future of what Jenkins III envisioned. ENJOY...